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Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Chuck Hernandez (Incumbent)

38th Ward Rebulican Committeeman
38th Ward / 12th Precinct

Gordon Technical High School, 91′
Attended Trinity International University
Chicago Police Detective, 22+ years service
Married for 22+ years/Father of (3)


Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Amelia Kabat

38th Deputy Ward Committeewoman

Conservative Republican ProLife

Born and raised in Chicago and lives in the 38th ward (formerly 36 ward) since 1994

Married to a Chicago Police K9 Officer and currently employed with a private dental practice in Niles, IL

Attended and graduated from MacCormac College & also attended Triton College with a certificate of completion of the Dental Assistant Program

Member of the Republican National Committee

St. Francis Borgia Parishioner and also attends WillowCreek Community Church

Former Candidate for the 36th Ward Republican Committeewoman
March 2012 Election

Served as a Republican Judge of Elections for over 17 years

Community Activist

Hiawatha Park Playground Committee 2014

Supporter of animal rescue and supports the GSRF (Garrido Stray and Rescue Foundation) also attended court cases against animal cruelty and abuse.

CAPS Beat 1631 Facilitator (current)

Member of Wives Behind the Badge IL Auxiliary currently known as NALES (National Alliance Law Enforcement Support)

One of the original founders and former Board Member of the DNO Dunning Neighborhood Organization

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Jon Luers

Deputy Ward Committeeman
38th Ward / 2nd Precinct

pete podgorski

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Pete Podgorski

Precinct Committeeman
38th Ward / 9th Precinct

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Mike Keeney

Precinct Committeeman
38th Ward / 18th Precinct

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Catherine Mazanowicz

Precinct Committeeman
38th Ward / 40th 

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Robin Luers

Precinct Committeeman
38th Ward / 28th Precinct

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Chuck Donahue

Precinct Committeeman
36th Ward

Setting Things Right in Chicago!

Tom Curry

Precinct Committeeman
38th Ward

General Members

Michael Bono

David Mullany

Tricia Chiovari

Kathy Podgorski

Leonard Krol

Ken Trenchard

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