Welcome To The 39th Ward

Barry Bebart (Challenger)

Deputy Ward Republican Committeeman
39th Ward / 25th Precinct

For the past 25 years, Bebart has owned and operated Barry Bebart Architecture, where he served as a licensed architect, performing work for the city of Chicago and surrounding areas,” a Northwest GOP Club press release said.

“Barry hits the ground running with three Republican Precinct Captain already in place in the 39th Ward. One of his top priorities will be to recruit and train at least another 10 Precinct Captain”


Matt Podgorski

Club Chairman & Ward Committeeman
39th Ward / 24th Precinct

Gina Jacobson

Precinct Captain
39th Ward / 23rd Precinct

Maria Jacobson

Precinct Captain
39th Ward / 23rd Precinct

Tom Curry

Precinct Captain
39th Ward / 41st Precinct

Mike Koffski

Precinct Captain
39th Ward / 21st Precinct

Matthew Leslie

Precinct Captain
39th Ward

Erin Jones

Precinct Captain
39th Ward / 44th Precinct

General Members

James Babiarz

Colleen Decker

Julie Hoban

Spiro Kaldis

Alicia Ziemlo

Steve Decker

Tom Hoban

Trudy Kelly

Leila Thomas

Carl-Ann Brasic

Barry Epstein

Don Jenkinson

Michael Kelly

Ann Corty

Tom Herman

Michael Tanzi

Jonathan Edelman

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