‘American success story’ becomes new Northwest Side GOP committeeman

‘American success story’ becomes new Northwest Side GOP committeeman

Andre (Andrzej) Orybkiewicz has been named Northwest Side GOP (NWS GOP) Club Precinct Captain for the 41st Ward, 14th precinct, according to a recent press release.

“Andre is a great American success story,” NWS GOP Club Chairman Matt Podgorski, who appointed Orybkiewicz, said. “A legal immigrant, he works hard and loves this country dearly. I am so thrilled to have him in the club.”

Orybkiewicz immigrated to the United States in 1989, having grown up in Poland under communism. He experienced firsthand the effects of government overreach and played a part in the fall of the communist system in his country, before moving to Edgebrook, Illinois.

Orybkiewicz’s first job in the United States was working as a laborer in a thrift store in the Chicago neighborhood, during which time he earned his insurance and securities licenses. He spent time selling insurance and securities for Prudential Insurance before transitioning to a banking career, during which he served as a banker, loan officer and investment specialist.

When he was laid off from his job at First Merit Bank, Orybkiewicz pursued a culinary arts certificate and now works as a part-time prep chef and manages apartment buildings.

Orybkiewicz and his wife, Rosemarie, have three children: Michael, Matthew and Marie.

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