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What is A Republican Precinct Captain?

A GOP Precinct Captain represents the Republican voters of a specific precinct at the City/County Party level.

But most importantly, a Republican Precinct Captain is the face of the GOP within the precinct. In many cases, a Republican Precinct Captain might be the only party official a voter ever meets in person.

This volunteer position is really what one makes of it. Some do more than others. But the Republican Precinct Captain’s job is in essence all about helping to grow the GOP and working to deliver the maximum number of Republican votes from his or her precinct on Election Day.

Precinct Captains and Deputy Captains comprise the core of any grassroots effort and no political campaign can be successful without these front line GOP ambassadors.

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The principle means of doing this volunteer job is just an extension of what most people already do – talking to the neighbors and members of the local community.

By becoming a Republican Precinct Captain, you can take a leadership role in advancing the Republican Platform principles of lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, strong national defense, and traditional family values.

Many people begin their political involvement by becoming a Precinct Captain. It’s the perfect place to get started for anyone interested in building a better Republican Party and advancing our GOP’s values. And many Republicans have remained Precinct Captain even years later after being elected to higher public office.

For example, it’s not uncommon to find U.S. Congressmen who are also Precinct Captain. They maybe more than anyone appreciate the Precinct Captain’s role.

This volunteer position is really what you want to make of it. Some Precinct Captains are more active than others. And everyone understands that people get busy with work and family responsibilities. You can commit as much or as little time as you’re willing and able.

However, ideally you should be willing to spend at least a few hours each month, with the most crucial time obviously being election season.

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Become A Precinct Captain or Deputy Captain


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