For IL-10 State Senate Candidate Anthony Beckman


Chicago Results (Wards 29-38-39-41-45)

Robert Martwick (D) – 36,708 votes

Anthony Beckman (R) – 28,525 votes

Cook County Results (Norwood Park – Leyden – Maine – Niles)

Robert Martwick (D) – 15,194

Anthony Beckman (R) – 16,380


Robert Martwick (D) – 51,902

Anthony Beckman (R) – 44,904


(Affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association)

  • Defend & Fully Fund Law Enforcement
  • Stop Pritzker’s graduated income tax hike
  • Champion School Choice
  • Term Limits for all elected officials
  • End politically-connected corrupt contracts
  • 18-year Veteran Police Officer
  • Police Union President
  • Township Republican Committeeman
  • Husband & Father
  • College Athlete & Youth Coach
  • Re-Open Illinois

Here are Anthony Beckman’s responses to the Chicago Tribune candidate interview questionnaire:

Candidate name: Anthony Beckman – Email: [email protected]

Running for: Illinois 10th District State Senate

Political party affiliation: Republican

Political/civic background: Member Northwest Side GOP Club First time political candidate

Occupation: Norridge Police Officer

Education: Bachelors Degree in History, Poli Sci minor – University of St. Francis (1998)

Facebook: Beckman for IL Senate District 10

1. Illinois continues down the path of unfunded pension liabilities with no easy solutions in sight. What should Illinois lawmakers do about it?

Pensions are a very important issue in Illinois. First, we need a bigger tax payer base.

We have to bring more jobs back to Illinois and have lower taxes across the board, including: business, property, income, and other hidden taxes. Lower taxes will attract businesses to invest and open, which will employ more taxpayers. People will be incited to return to Illinois if taxes are lower, like our neighboring states: Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Also, pension recipients like Chicago Teacher’s Union employees have to pay their fair share into their pensions. There are approximately 25,000 people employed by the CTU who contribute only 2% to their pensions.  Prior to this, they were paying zero. I currently pay 9.75% into my pension, which is the norm with pensioners. We have to start looking at fairness across the board. Taxpayers should not be responsible for paying salaries and pensions. If CTU employees started paying their fair share, this would help bring some relief to the pension deficit in Illinois. I’m not saying CTU employees should go straight from 2% to 9.75%, but this can be gradually done over a 4-year period. Pensions will not be fixed overnight, but we need to start taking steps to fix them, immediately.

2. If you are an incumbent, are you enrolled in the General Assembly pension plan? For newcomers, do you plan to enroll?

No.  I do not believe people should collect multiple pensions.

3. Voters will decide in November whether to change the Constitution from a flat income tax to a graduated tax. Do you support this idea AND do you believe middle class taxpayers can be protected from future hikes? How so?

Governor Pritzker is spending a minimum of $56 million of his own money on a marketing campaign to promote this horrific bill.

We can only wonder what the governor is getting out of this by spending this much of his family’s money. I am totally opposed to the proposed graduated income tax, also known as the progressive income tax. Giving the politicians in Springfield a blank check is the worst thing the voters of the state can do. The liberal Democrats try to make it sound so pretty and say the middle class will not be affected by this amendment, which is a complete lie. These politicians will have the ability to change the tax code at the drop of a hat. Businesses will also be affected, which will force many of them to leave the state and more people will lose their jobs. This will also spiral into many different directions. Retirees will be taxed on their pensions and by year two of this debacle, the middle class will be affected, because the greedy politicians in Springfield will want more of their hard-earned money.

4. Tell us what you hear most from constituents. What is their top priority of lawmakers in Springfield?

There are many issues that exist in every area of our state, especially high taxes and the governor-mandated shut down.

The first issue of concern is: we have way too many empty storefronts. Some of this is associated with the high taxes placed on businesses, which is forcing them to leave the city, county and state. Another reason are the extreme restrictions placed by the governor during the Covid-19 pandemic, which have bankrupted businesses – some of which will never be resurrected.

The second issue is of concern is the low-income housing projects that local officials have crafted with backroom deals benefiting themselves and their cronies. The problem with low income housing is property values decline, there are not enough schools, infrastructure is not equipped for the density, the tax burden is eventually shifted to taxpayers after credits expire, traffic headaches, and overall population density.

A third issue of concern is extremely high property taxes, which are plaguing the entire state. My district does not only include Chicago. It also includes some of the Northwest suburbs. The problems that exist in the city, might not always exist in the suburbs and vice versa.

5. What is, or would be, your top two priorities if elected?

My top legislative concerns are fighting the unfair progressive income tax and getting better legislation that will fund the police, rather than defund the police, like so many leftist Democrats are proposing. If I could name a third, it would be stopping the development of low income housing projects, which they are trying to construct all over my senate district. Of course, there are many more priorities that exist in my district and throughout the state.

5. What can be done in your district to keep residents and businesses from leaving Illinois?

Lowering taxes across the board, chambers and elected politicians working to bring back businesses, stopping the progressive income tax, and funding police so neighborhoods can be safe.

6. If you are a member of the Republican or another party, please list any/all help you are receiving from your party and/or its affiliates?

I am currently supported by the Northwest Side GOP Organization and in contact with the Republican Senate Committee for assistance with my campaign.

7. Due to an unfolding federal investigation, should Michael Madigan remain in his positions in state government? Which ones? Why or why not?

Madigan should resign; but, if evidence determines that a crime was committed, he should be held accountable and indicted like anyone else.

For far too long, politicians believe they are above the law, like the Clintons and so many others.  The Chicago and Illinois Swamp has been crime ridden for decades. It is time they are all held accountable for their actions.

8. What is one ethics reform proposal you think would make a difference to keep elected officials more accountable and transparent?

After politicians serve their term as legislative officials in Illinois, they are banned for life from being lobbyists in Illinois. Also, after their term, they are not allowed to own more than 20% of companies that have government contracts.

9. Please evaluate the job Gov. J.B. Priztker has done managing the coronavirus pandemic. What concerns do you have? What advice would you give him?

I think he handled this very poorly by closing down businesses, churches, and schools in every county.

Like other blue state governors in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia, Governor Pritzker failed on his handling of the nursing home residents. President Trump built the hospital in McCormick Place and it was not even utilized. Vulnerable elderly patients, with Covid, were being sent back into nursing homes from hospitals which infected very compromised individuals with existing co-morbidities. Governor Pritzker closed down places of worship, violating first amendment right of worship, but allowed rioters to loot, attack police officers and destroy millions upon millions of dollars of property.  He had no response to these horrific acts. The shutdown of businesses destroyed the state’s economy, which may never return due to the horrible policies of the super majority of Democrats in the state House and Senate.

I would advise him to resign immediately, as he is clearly unqualified to handle the duties of a governor.

10. If you are an incumbent, give an example of a time you worked across the aisle on an important issue. If you are a newcomer, give an example of a circumstance or an issue on which you have split, or would split, with your party.

I do not see anything I could compromise with the Democrat party, as all of their policies are extremely far Left and destroying the lives of the citizens of our state and our great country.

11.Tell us a little about your family.

I am 43 years old, married, and raising one son.  I coach him in baseball and football.

12. Tell us how you have been surviving the coronavirus pandemic with work, family and leisure time.

I recently completed an 11-month battle with Leukemia.

I am in complete molecular remission and feeling great. I am ready to fight for the people of Illinois. During the pandemic I went about my daily life, even though I was going through horrific treatments; I worked, campaigned, and spoke to voters about my vision for the state. My family went about our lives as much as we could. I never allowed my son to be fear-mongered by the main stream media and never allowed my constitutional rights to be violated.

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