The Millennial (Conservative) Perspective – Bob Simpson

The Millennial (Conservative) Perspective – Bob Simpson

When considering the state of affairs in the United States, do millennials get a bad rap?

Overwhelmingly, the answer is “YES,” when you ask nearly anyone. Even millennials believe they get a bad rap. I venture to believe this as well. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to play the victim card. This is just based on experiences and believe it or not, I tend to agree.

We have come to an age in our history where information flows whether true or false. This current period of time could be called the “new age of enlightenment,” by pretty much no one but myself. I do consider most people to be more engaged and this would include our infamous millennials, as well.

So, let’s get down to business. Why do millennials get a bad rap? Considering that millennials are more engaged than ever before, and are now currently the largest generation to date, there is really no reason why, right?

In the recent years, politics in general have been and are extremely polarized. The two largest parties, Republican and Democratic, are forever locked in battle, giving an inch here and taking a mile there. You can see the blood, sweat and tears of each of the party’s members, each screaming at each other and still battling even as the smoke clears after the most recent election cycle. Some continuing to hold deeply onto their convictions as they wave their red/blue flag. Millennials have become the battle ground and Democrats, Socialists, and Progressives have claimed their stake and are collectively the proverbial “King of the Hill” of millennials.

Democrats are traditionally and generally liberal and have taken the mantel of identity politics. Where Republicans say, “We are one and the same.” Democrats say, “You are unique and important.” One focuses on the great good, or so it seems, and the other focuses on the individual and what’s important. Now, if you break up the Democrat party, you see several groups within growing stronger, namely Progressivism and Socialism. Millennials gravitate towards these two parties in large flocks, because they promise something that the Republicans cannot. They promise individualism. Is there a cost?

You can quickly see that any subject short of family, food and sports can be politicized rather quickly and sports almost are not nearly as safe anymore. With the landscape being so polarized, it’s simple to cross into politics as easy as it is picking between the colors red and blue. So, it is hard being an individual, unless you are considered a Democrat. See, Republicans do not care about identity. They care, presumably, about the country as a whole and also about maintaining the Constitution as it is written. Identity is something that is yours and should not impart upon others. That’s not to say that Republicans do not sympathize with individuals. They surely do, but why should individualism impart upon the country as a whole or systematically change the Constitution.

Let’s look at a few topics.

  • Gun Control: The law is clearly written, and the Supreme Court has published their opinions. But that doesn’t stop the Democratic Party from using individuals to try to change the Constitution. Regardless of any facts, the Democrats want to use social politics to restrict all firearms. If history has taught us anything, Republicans adhere to those lessons and know gun control is not about social politics but about control.
  • Abortion: Democrats use the identity of the mother to say it her choice to terminate a pregnancy, but for the majority of the population, it takes two to tango, or so Republicans believe. It takes an active choice, first, to have sex, and then live with the ramifications of said choice if pregnancy occurs. Now Republicans are cross about rape and incest, and the determining factor for some is religion. But the use of individualism is the weapon Democrats choose to use to push this issue further.
  • Health Care: What can be more individual then health care? No one person is the same, and no one person has the same medical needs. This is the proverbial low-hanging fruit, because there is not much argument that anyone can offer to contest individualism…other than cost. The biggest argument is the cost. Who pays? If you cannot afford the care, who pays for the treatments? Why should you health take away from me? But across the spectrum of politics, if you remove cost, you remove any barriers because health care is needed.
  • Tuition: College or secondary education is all about defining yourself, who you are and what you want to be. And it is EXPENSIVE. Democrats believe college should be cheaper, and they are right. Who would not like cheaper education? I know I would, but for one person to receive cheaper education or free education, there is someone else paying for it. To use the government to restrict cost or reduce cost means that the taxpayer would take on a great chunk of the bill. Why should your individualism be my responsibility?

In all these topics, the main objective of Democrats is that the government has greater control and to gain that control via individualism. More taxes are collected and used for the majority. Millennials are just now realizing that whatever they do, their individualism is growing greater, but again at what cost?

At the cost of everyone else.

Many millennials are fine with paying more taxes to benefit others, but the government controls those taxes. Illinois and many other states, and even the country are so far in the debt pit, that it’s not easy to see the light. Looking at the situation, it appears that the pit is so deep that politicians have a new strategy. Keep digging until you hit the other side. Meanwhile, Illinois income taxes have hit an all-time high. Property taxes are at an all-time high. We continue to see new and creative taxes generated to address all the individualism rather than to solve debt issues. Millennials are fine paying more of these taxes until they realize that as they progress and earn great wages, they have less access to the government-controlled individualism. They’ll start to realize that they’re transitioning to a point where the harder they work, the less they receive.

So right now, millennials believe themselves to be noble amongst the generations because they are looking forward to the future or what they think the future should be. They believe so much so, that they impart their wisdom and beliefs upon others. They’re willing to sacrifice now for others, at the expense of other for what they believe to be the greater good. They do this regardless of any history lesson, because of the individualism that is advertised.

So, do millennials get a bad rap? Absolutely and rightfully so. They perceive themselves as doing what they must but do not realize that the choices they are making affect everyone and are at the expense of everyone. It’s easy to make choices when you aren’t affected by the outcome or don’t have to pay for it to happen. “Make the rich pay their fair share” is a common mantra of the Democrats, but when you look at it, they do pay their share. This misguided slogan is just another tactic used and has very little validity when you compare incomes. It’s easy to ask someone else to pay for something, but it’s not always best to “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

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