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Ammie Kessem

41st Ward Republican Committeeman
Club Vice President
41st Ward / 26th Precinct

Meet Ammie Kessem, Vice President of the Northwest Side GOP Club and former Republican candidate for State Representative (District 19). Ammie received 40% of the vote against longtime incumbent Democrat Rob Martwick in 2018.

Ammie is a Sergeant of Police with 20 years of service to her fellow man and woman. She is looking to continue serving her community by supporting conservative values as the next 41st Ward Republican Committeeman.

Ammie was born and raised in the City of Chicago, receiving her Bachelors Degree from Dominican University in River Forest. Ammie is also a licensed realtor.

Ammie has 3 children who attend Catholic schools, is an active member of St. Monica’s parish-school and has served as a Girl Scout leader for the past 6 years.

Ammie will be a valuable asset to the Republican Party as she works tirelessly in the 41st Ward, recruiting and supporting conservative candidates to run for public office.

Ammie Kessem has the RIGHT experience…

  • Mother of three
  • 20+ years in Law Enforcement
  • Vice President of the Northwest Side GOP Club
  • Vice President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission

Ammie Kessem has the RIGHT values…

  • Fiercely Pro-Life
  • Vocal supporter of President Trump’s policies
  • Pro 2nd Amendment – Lifetime member of the NRA
  • Works hard to recruit and elect conservative Republican candidates

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